Paihia Club Run

Club run in conjunction with the Bay of Islands Sports Car Club

Paihia 2 Copy

Awesome day today in Paihia with the Bay of Islands Sports Car Club. Good turn out with beautiful cars from a while back (xk120 jag) to C7 corvettes. Neale was stressed when the Fiat didn’t want to start to come home but a gentle push and the beast fired up- the car not Neale! Good company as well. Great to see Phil and Margaret although I most probably offended all Riley owners when I said they were driving a Worsley… tut tut.
As they say in northland “too much jags”. The xk120, my s-type, a couple xjs’s, an original e-type, xk8 and a modern s-type.
A beautiful thunderbird in primrose yellow.
Overall really cool day with great people.

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